Glimpses of the Divine in the Mundane

Too many times compassion is referred to as a feeling or an idea.  But what if we started acting out compassion?  What if it became a way of life for us – a philosophy?  Below are some organizations, groups, songs and links that have given me fuel and have challenged me to actually live a life of authentic compassion – a life that is more than just a talk – a life that requires taking action right now at this time in history.

  • A great way to think about how we’re all linked together – and that we can help each other on both ends of the supply chain…
  • Another great song by Featherweight:    
    (you can check out more songs from them at
  • A Movement in San Francisco that has a real life impact on the residents of the tenderloin district.  This is where Steve and I experience our Christmas every year:

  • A great place to shop ethically in Healdsburg:  

Check out their website at:

  • Find out ways to end modern-day slavery:

 Go to:

  • Here’s a great organization that fights human trafficking and brings justice:

  • Another great organization that equips us all to end human trafficking:

  • This is an organization that started as a music dvd, but now has a lot of creative ways to educate us on how to fight against modern-day slavery:

  • This organization shows us how we’re all linked through the supply chain and how our spending can make a difference:

  • A great organization that literally helps people live better all over the world, as well as train them                                     how to be self-sustaining.

  • An amazing place in Santa Rosa that takes Jesus’ mission literally:

And more still to come!  What are some of yours?

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