Glimpses of the Divine in the Mundane

Coming Soon:  Original music recordings. Stay tuned.

Here are some old favorites from other artists:

Music is so incredibly mysterious and powerful!  It has the ability to express your soul or speak to your deepest part of the heart better than any other thing.  This growing list is some of my favorite bands, groups or songs.  What songs speak to you?

Check out this awesome song by 2 students of mine.  They have a band called Featherweight.  I love this song cuz of it’s realness…:  

And another great song:  

you can check out more songs from them at

A great song my brother said reminds him of what God would sing to us:

One of my favorite songs – it justs captures the fact that we don’t know a lot about life, and that’s ok…:

Another great song – this one is hard to define, but I love it:

Randy Newman – gotta love him. This song is beautiful:

Trent Yaconelli has become on of my favorites.  His has the ability to write music from and for the soul.  You can check out his music here:

For songs on Justice, check out JUBILEE:

For more songs on active justice and philosophy, check out Robert Ethington:

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