Glimpses of the Divine in the Mundane

So I saw this post from one of my students on facebook and with permission, I’ve included it here.  It brought a smile to my face, but also made me think.  Check it out:

“Today in church I was going through the motions. Searching for a way to connect with Jesus (especially after realizing that everyone was already transitioning into that oh so jolly Christmas spirit.) Even though many of us try, we can never manufacture the true meaning of church, But after saying a prayer and collecting myself, I was determined. A particular face grabbed my attention, after examining the church congregation. quite honestly, it humored me. I just had take a picture with him. I know its not Jesus, but it definitely made my sabbath a lot better. haha.”

This facebook post and picture got me thinking: What if Jesus literally walked into church today –  Would we recognize Him?  Would we greet Him?  Would we feel awkward?  Would we convince ourselves it’s not Him?  Would we wonder why He came?  Would He even look like “Jesus” (the Jesus-image we’ve conjured up in our minds)?  Would He have a backpack on?  Jeans or a suit?  But then, wait:  Jesus does come into our churches – and our homes, and our spaces of time.  He comes into our crazy schedule, both the boring parts, exciting parts, the crazy parts and the routine-rut parts.  He’s on the commute to work; in the mall; standing in line at the DMV; on that street corner holding that sign up; and the list could go on… If Jesus is in “the least of these”, if we, as humans, carry His persona within our beings, if He is represented in every flesh-and-blood human canister, then I “see” Him every day…or do I?  Do I make space to be present enough to recognize the miracle of every-moment-living?  How many times have I missed moments of the divine due to my schedule; my calendar; my to-do list; my social, political or religious agenda;  my own little world of what I deem important at the time.  Jesus is present; the real question is, are we?

4 thoughts on “What is Church – Interlude

  1. Royce Maxell Jones says:

    This is Awesome!!! This true gospel needs to be spread through the world. One reason why people hated Jesus was because he did so many wonderful things, yet he looked so common.. like everyone else, and what’s even more interesting is that he came from what was said to be a terrible city (galilee). Whats even funnier is that when they tried to arrest him, they had to get one of his followers to show them who he was because they had no clue… correction, they had to pay one of his followers. Jesus said he would tear down the temple and rebuild it in three day. he wasn’t talking about rebuilding a building in three days, he was talking about becoming the church when he rose in three days. Christ is the church, and with Christ in us we can have church anywhere!!!

    Thanks for letting me know that there is someone else that gets it 😀

    1. legitfaith says:

      Thanks Royce!! I appreciate your comment and your further thoughts into the subject – Great to hear from you!

  2. Steve Martin says:

    You write in a beautiful way! You inspire me with your words, your timely statements and your thought provoking questions.

  3. anthony potter says:

    That is so true, we need to be able to take time in our lives to spend some time with the lord, its good to focus on the stuff going on in this world but not to the point of pushing God to the corner and forgetting about him….

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