Glimpses of the Divine in the Mundane

I was at work yesterday and entered into a closet to get some random item, when all of a sudden I noticed stacks and stacks of old magazines from years gone by.  Time Magazine, U.S. News and World Report from the 1950’s up to today.  National Geographic from 1919 to today, and old newspapers.

It was amazing to open up a magazine and just look back into the past and what occupied our lives.  What struck me was the fact that it was all the same news, just different players.  It was like the same tune of a song, with slightly different lyrics.  It was truly fascinating.

Here’s a phone advertisement from a 1959 magazine.  Ironically this picture was taken with my iPhone.

I like how the rotary phone is poetically sitting on a nice overlook

Here’s the cover for May 21, 1973 U.S. News and World Report:

Notice top news: politics, stock market, and war/poverty

And then my favorite magazine cover from yesterday’s find…notice how the headlines are basically hinged on the same topics as today:

Eerie how much the headlines are the same as today's...

It’s as if the only thing that has changed are the players on the stage.  We are still consumed with the stock market.  Politics is a hot topic of debate.  The environment is something we are discussing a lot, and of course the war or threat of war is always a news item.

It’s like they say, “history repeats itself.”  But then there are those who make choices to step outside the headlines box and do something to blaze a new trail.  Who knew, when they picked up this 1961 magazine, and debated about its topics and worried about its forecasts, that in a few years there would be history-makers who would make a choice to stand out and define their world.  People like Martin Luther King Jr, who would in a few years make his famous “I Have a Dream” speech; or 8 years later when we would land on the moon; or all those who would stood up for their rights and the rights of all humans. And many other history-making events and stories.  And then those who would fall in love and have children and bring more world-shakers onto this planet who would perhaps have the audacity to believe they could step outside the box and make the world a better place.  This is where we come onto the stage.

We all have a choice to what we will do with our time.  The headlines will always be consumed with the same old stuff.  It’s time we stopped letting the headlines define our reality, and we start to be a headline to our world.  We’re only here for so long.  So let’s rock this world.  Let’s not settle for the status quo.  Let’s let LOVE drive us to paint new headlines into the lives of every sacred being we encounter.  Let’s be history-makers.  Let’s let our lives be a song that will inspire others to dance, to sing at the top of their lungs, and roll down the windows – letting LOVE’s breath free us all from the squelching boredom and routine that is always trying to rob our passion, joy and authenticity!  Let’s stop letting our past define us.  Let’s stop letting the future handicap us in fear.  Let us all BE PRESENT.  Only then will we step outside of shrinking expectations and make new headlines!

4 thoughts on “Making Headlines

  1. Charlotte B. says:

    Wow! Wonderful thoughts on such a great find! Love your insights.

  2. John says:

    Krystalynn thanks for sharing this, it really opened up some great concepts to me and is so inspiring!

  3. legitfaith says:

    Thanks Charlotte and John! It was a crazy experience to be in all that history, and yet to see, literally, what really makes the difference. Thanks guys!

  4. Judy Westbrook says:

    Very interesting…kind of like soaps on the boob tube. You can bump into them after years of lapses and pick up right where you left off!!

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