Glimpses of the Divine in the Mundane

Do you ever sense that life has moments that run deep inside your soul and present mysteries that are un-definable?  Here’s some that I’ve discovered lately…what are yours?

– There’s sometimes a sadness deep down within the basements of my soul that I can’t express – almost as if it’s passed down from my ancestors from long ago…the sadness feels generations deep.

– There are things within me that don’t seem to come from me – almost as if DNA also passes down emotions, sadness, feelings and struggles and baggage…tears that were never cried or released.  Laughter that comes from another time and place.  Fear that’s ingrained in decades of the unknown history of my kin…

-Activity is not the same as purpose, but it masks as purpose most of the time.

-Something was found and discovered inside my soul when I met my brother.  I strange and comforting familiarity.  DNA is such a mystery!  This meeting created a hunger that I must continue to search out.

-Sometimes, a lot of times, I hear an inner cry – a familiar one – my soul yearning for authenticity and answers.  Activity usually follows, which acts as a sort of headphones that silence and drawn out the soul.  I’m tired of this practice – I choose to give my soul a safe place to merely be…

-There’s a spiritual, deep, unseen way of life if you open your eyes and look for it – SLOW DOWN

-There are many questions that don’t have immediate “taco bell” answers. Embrace the mystery!

-Reality is dependant a lot of times on opinions and perspectives and life experiences…

-Much of the time there is a song inside my soul that’s hard to put into a melody.

-Time can be an enemy or friend – it’s entirely up to us.

-Busy is the imposter of purpose…

-There is so much beauty in the ordinary and simple

-Too often than naught, pain steers our lives, either conciously or unconciously

-Life is always more enjoyable when we are present!

-There are certian moments that define our lives, usually uncircumstantial at first to the naked eye

-There are very few people who understand your soul – when you find one, don’t let them go.

-Sometimes the best way to be fixed is to see the brokenness.

-Many times the things “society” say are important are really a waste of time.

What are some mysteries you’ve found in your experience??

3 thoughts on “Some mysteries I’ve been finding in my life…

  1. John says:

    Wow, such powerful thoughts…totally life changing when applied. thank you!

    I may have a bit of stage fright…or blog fright…but I did think of one mystery today.

    – Why are we so obsessed with how we dress/act/etc in a church building? I hear it called “the house of God” a lot…especially here in the Bible belt of the south. But is it really the house of God? Then I began to think we are the house of God. We are His home? Somewhere the thought came, maybe it’s entirely opposite to that. Maybe God is our home. And we can find safety and peace and love…and Home…in Him.

    1. legitfaith says:

      Wow! So so so true…it’s weird you would say that because I was just thinking similar to this. In fact, I’m in the process of writing it out! You’ll love it! I want your thoughts on it. It will be a blog entitled “Church”. I love what you say, especially the part of maybe God is our home…so true.

  2. Seraphina says:

    Yes!! DNA is a magical tool for all kinds of things. You can indeed inherit emotions and tasks and responsibilities from ancestors through DNA. You can also inherit behaviors and thought patterns. None of these things may actually belong to you. If this is the case, you can energetically release these things from you and send them all back to their right and perfect place. Then, update all of your energetic grids to only contain you and your reference points and personality points, ways of perceiving and being perceived. You can also heal things both backwards and forwards in time through your DNA. This will also affect all others who share that DNA with you and it’s really exciting to see the changes in these people when they have no idea what you’ve done to help them heal.

    Sometimes, what you may be feeling is memories that are stored in your DNA from a previous life. Every life you’ve ever lived is recorded and is stored in the Hall of Records. These records are there for everyone to learn and use, but your records are most easily used by you because you created them, you learned those lessons and developed those masteries. All of this information is also stored in your DNA and can be accessed by you here, in the now, if you need it.

    There is much more…if you’re interested, let me know, and I’ll send you more information.

    Love and light to you, Love, as you awaken to all that you are.

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