Glimpses of the Divine in the Mundane

You know, I am getting really sick of these Christmas commercials that are WAY TOO EARLY.  The worst one I saw recently started out with the nice story of the Pilgrims and “Indians” with some traditional pictures that looked like they came out of some older book from the library.  The photos kind of brought back somewhat warm feelings of days-gone-by, while a history-channel-type-voice told the beginnings of the story of our country’s first Thanksgiving.  Then, like a rude interruption from a way-too-happy-morning person, the screen shot changes to a bunch of Toyota trucks and cars driving in a modern-day setting, while a frantic voice tells us all about the deal we just HAVE to grab!  Wow…even in the commercials there is no more Thanksgiving – only daydreams of the after-party of me, me, me…the consumeristic party of buying and shopping and then, dropping.  There is no more Sabbath in anything anymore…it kinda makes me super annoyed that we all just take it as reality.  Really?  This is what we’ve all come to?

I need more time to digest these thoughts…but in the meantime,  remember as we get closer to “black friday” that we, as consumers, hold the power in our hands, pockets, wallets, purses, Christmas lists, and credit card-swiping, to make a vote towards ending modern-day slavery. Make every purchase count as your proclamation to end bloodshed around the world that may exist on the other end of the supply chain. If you’re in the area of Healdsburg, check out this local business owned by some great friends of ours! If you’re not local, google fair trade in your area. Let’s show what it means through our buying to be grateful for freedom, and extend it to others.

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