Glimpses of the Divine in the Mundane

(I wrote this a few years ago, but posted here in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr who lived and died for love and justice…)

To love is to get dirty

To love is to lose

To love is to fall apart

To love is to be broken

To love is to decay of materialistic living

To love is to wake up to the wonder of life

To love is to see with new eyes

To love is to shatter the expectations of others

To love is to shine a light on the grotesque nakedness of mediocrity

To love is to be still and know

To love is to satiate the soul with moments of just being

To love is to sit in old t-shirts and jeans and peel off the masks of fashion statements

To love is to GET OUT of the normality of culture and religion

To love is to drop all ties to this empire of selfish paper castles

To love is to cling to the raw beauty of unique individualistic humanity

To love is to see through eyes that are not clouded by bigotry, hatred, judgement, pretended compassion, hidden motives, or expectations

To love is to release the temptation to change another human being

To love is to let life take it’s course

To love is to see every race, sex, transgender, criminal, age, weight, social class, political view, world view, addict, HUMAN BEING as my soul mate

To love is to wail and mourn for every head that looks the other way from “helpless” cases such as Darfur, Iraq, the Tenderloin District, and other impossibilities

To love is to pour sweat and tears into such impossibilities

To love is not be concerned with the outcome of such impossibilities, but to instead focus on loving and being and acting

To love is to undress the pressures, expectations, and stresses we allow others to pull over us

To love is to forgive and let go of our right we can hold over another human being

To love is to fight for the awareness of childhood wonder and awe

To love is to not “grow up”

To love is to cherish the innocence of a sensitive conscience and not be ashamed of it

To love is to hurt

To love is to intimately feel injustice

To love is to be angry

To love is to make a dent in history for everything one comes in contact with

To love is to impact one day of one life, even if it’s my own

To love is to put a stop to consumerism, which will put a stop to slavery, which will put a stop to the terrorists of greed, which will put a stop to objectifying human beings

To love is to look in the mirror and not want to change a thing

To love is to be utterly disgusted of self-obsessed living and vomitous greed

To love is to keep growing

To love is to fight the everyday, uphill battle of apathy and mediocre living

To love is to wake up

To love is to ache

To love is to dance and not care what others think

To love is to refuse to settle…for anything of a plateau nature

To love is to add to this list so that it will never end

To love is to not give up…by fixing my eyes on the only One Who is Love

To love means that your world will be turned upside down, but

Isn’t it upside down already?

So maybe to love will set it right again…

But beware:


To love is to destroy the empire, and so the empire will try to destroy you

To love is to unveil the materialistically wealthy of the poverty of their greed, and so they will attempt to entrap you with wanton greed yourself, making you a puppet to their personal schemes, and stripping you of your uniqueness and dignity

To love is to deface the mask of our sick society and reveal the beast underneath, and no one likes their cover blown, and so this beast will try to make a beast out of you

So beware.  Because you may very well change the world…and so, my friend, you could be the most dangerous weapon this world will know!

To love…

Any takers?

2 thoughts on “My Current World View

  1. john says:

    Wow, such a literally moving list, or should I say anthem. I am sitting here in Starbucks but my soul cannot sit still. You inspire my feet to run to love, my hands to reach out to love, my voice cannot stay silent after embracing this and i cannot hold back my tears…you are inspiration in this mediocre society. You are a lighthouse. Thank you!

    1. legitfaith says:

      Thanks so much, john! I feel the same about you and your blog. I miss you a ton and really can’t wait to philosophize more! Give Daph a huge ol’ hug for me!

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