Glimpses of the Divine in the Mundane

I’m having a blue day.  You know, one of those days, where your soul feels paralyzed.  It feels like the rainy day did when you were a kid, and that feeling you had when you were planning on playing outside, and now you can’t cuz of the rain… only on this day there’s no rain outside.  It’s as if activity has stopped providing the necessary distraction and reality has finally sunk in: the reality of a blue day.  You know the kind of day, where the dishes are dirty in stacks on the counter, and laundry is piled up needing to be washed and folded, work emails are demanding your input, but you just have nothing left.  And all the mess is normal cuz that’s how life is right now.

A blue day.  Where do they come from?  (It doesn’t help that I’m feeling sick physically.)  Blue days almost feel like your stuck in a transition mode between two destinations and your soul and mind are hibernating.  Blue days – they feel very similar to cabin fever:  when you’ve been locked inside one place for way too long, and you want to get out, but at the same time you don’t want to move.  Blue days.  There’s a certain sadness that feels deep, hard to put a finger on.  But there’s a feeling of relief to finally let that sadness be seen and felt and acknowledged.  Like I’m on the verge of tears – tears stored up from another time and place.  Tears from my ancestors that were never cried or felt.  Or maybe un-cried tears of the pain I’ve seen and encountered from fellow humans in my life.  Or maybe my own tears that I stuffed away at one time or another.

Blue days – where do they come from?  Why are we taught to fix them?  Why do we want to run from them?  Isn’t it necessary to sometimes let the blue days come, and be felt, and let our souls mourn for whatever the blueness means?  Activity robs us of the healing that may come on blue days.  Perhaps blue days are a sacred pause in our busy, “let-me-change-the-world” mentality, and a divine acknowledgment that I cannot be all things to all people.  Blue days maybe are our soul’s way of keeping the eyes of our compassion open and awake and alive.  Blue days are the reminders that this world is not right – and that needs to be mourned and acknowledged before we can fight to set it right.  In fact, in the process of setting it right, we will need to visit that blueness again and again to remember that so many times the “norm” is really not the way things are supposed to be on this earth…

Blue days – where do they come from?  Why don’t we like them?  We’re taught from a young age to deal with them in different ways – hang out with friends, watch a funny movie or TV show, tell a joke, go shopping, smile, eat chocolate, book a vacation, fake-it-til-you-make-it, work harder, put more hours in at the office, clean the house, go party, play solitaire, take up karate classes, and a million other “fixes”…   But what if the answer was just to sit with the blueness?  To feel it.  To listen to it, acknowledge it, and mourn with it.  To let it vent.  What if the blueness carries a depth of art and healing and a wider door for compassion to be understood and known and felt and realized?   Maybe that’s why jazz is so soothing on blue days…

So what to do on blue days?  Be.  Let the blueness roll over you like the relief that comes after a good cry.  Don’t run from it.  Look into it’s eyes.  Hear it sing, cry or speak.  Or just sit in the silence with it.  Offer it acceptance.  Let the blueness inside you dance with the blueness of the day, and let their dance be their healing.  Applaud the pain.  The only way to be fixed is to first see and embrace the brokenness…and then rise above it.  Give it to the One Who can heal all brokenness. After it’s been heard, it will give you permission to rise to a joy that is beyond a surface, sappy happiness.  So put on some good mood music and let it be…and that acceptance is so liberating.  So pause, let the healing come, and then rise with that healing and carry it on to others.

One thought on “What to do on the Blue Days…

  1. John says:

    I needed this wisdom, thank you! I can so totally relate, and i feel very empowered by your words, I feel equipped!

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