Glimpses of the Divine in the Mundane

This song, written by 2 students of mine, was the perfect song for me today.  May is a crazy month, and so many of us run around doing so many things – great things – but our souls get tired and the sacred place inside us gets put on hold as we perform to the expectations of everyone, including ourselves.  Activity becomes our identity.  Busy becomes our pulse.  Rushing becomes our significance.  Until we don’t know who we are anymore.  The essence of the miracle of our uniqueness is lost in all the madness.

So there I was, sitting in the early morning of today, sipping my coffee and preparing for our Canoe Trip day.  Canoe trip is where we take all our students on the river and paddle about 11 miles.  The trip is beautiful, but can at times seem treacherous or scary as the current picks up around sharp corners.  But then there are other parts of the trip that are serene, as the water slows down, and the hills of Sonoma county cascade up on either side of the river.  It’s all in how you choose to take the journey – either with fierce paddle strokes to get to the end goal, or slowing down and experiencing the miracle of each moment.

And so, before I left for the trip today, I listened to this song, and it prepared me for my journey down the river – because it reminded me to see each moment as a holy moment.  So we loaded the buses and slathered on sunscreen and yelled out directions at kids and all got into canoes or kayaks, and began our journey.   I got in my kayak and decided ahead of time that I would enjoy the process of the trip.  And I did.  For me the time consisted in meandering down the river corridors; watching a dragonfly land on my knee; feeling the cool substance of the water in my palm; basking in the sun as it smiled upon us; enjoying conversations here and there with other water travelers; watching turtles as they were sunning themselves on a rock or log, reminding me that it’s ok to slow down sometimes and just sit in the beauty of our surroundings; splashing in the water with summer-hungry teenagers; and in the calm parts of the river, when it was just me, the water and the sky, I just stopped and listened and gave my soul permission to hush and be still.   The wind in the trees and the singing flow of the river reminded my soul to stop and breathe.  We need to practice “hush moments” more often.  We need to give our souls permission to rest.  And no one can do this except us.

At the end of the journey today, I’m a little sunburnt, but my soul feels better than it did last night.  The river today taught me a lot.  The water will always run.  Life will happen, but it’s up to me on how I will live it.  Will I open my eyes to see the beauty that surrounds me, or will I be so overcome with getting to the end of the trip that I sweep past everything that makes the trip worth it?  Cuz at the end of our journey today, the stories weren’t based on who arrived first.  The stories were all about what happened in the process of the journey itself.  May we not get to the end of the journey of life and realize that we missed it.  Hush.  Be still.  There is beauty and sacredness around you – even in the seemingly mundane places.  Stop for a minute – open the eyes of your soul – do you see it?

Here’s the song that helped inspire my day:

To download the song “This Morning” or hear more from Featherweight, click here:

One thought on “Hush

  1. John says:

    Just what I needed today. Thank you for this so deep and relevant reminder and inspiration to hush…

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