Glimpses of the Divine in the Mundane

“All of these events are signs of the times, and evidence that Jesus is coming soon…”  These are words and phrases that many of us have heard, especially recently with some of the latest news.  Although there is nothing inherently wrong with these phrases, they seem to carry a very real danger that is seen …

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We just wanted to get $200 worth of “free” stuff to use for 2 weeks in Hawaii. The deal? Snorkel gear, beach chairs, beach umbrella and boogie boards. Free, if we were willing to subject ourselves to 90 minutes of a sales-pitch at a Timeshare Resort. So we decided to take the bait.

Have you ever been disenfranchised with Church, Christianity, etc?  I have.  I have come so close to “leaving” because I’m so fed up with all the politics, all the drama, all the lines drawn in the sand by professed followers of God.  I’m so tired of all the expectations that can be put on people. …

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